Otter Creek Candle

About Otter Creek Candle

At Otter Creek Candle in Holton, Indiana, we manufacture 100% all-natural scented candles. All of our products are proudly made in America.

Scents - Our natural soy candles provide the same great smelling sensation from start to finish. We have one of the most unique scent selections on the internet. Our fragrances range from baked goods, fruit, spices, and creative fragrances that will peak your curiosity.

Soy vs. Paraffin Wax - Soy wax comes from soybean oil and is a natural resource grown by American farmers. Paraffin wax is a petroleum byproduct and is the most common type of wax used in the US due to its low cost for the manufacturer. Soy wax is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource, while Paraffin wax contributes to dependency on crude oil.

Accessories - Get the most out of your soy candle with our accessory products. We carry decorative metal shades for our jar natural soy candles to create a warm country feel to your home. We also carry wick snippers to trim the wicks of the soy candles, which contribute to cleaner, longer burning soy candles. Wick dippers are also available to extinguish candles without any smoke.

Longer Burning Time - Soy wax burns at a much cooler temperature than paraffin candles, which enables them to burn longer.. Our 8 oz. jar natural soy candles have a burn time of up to 70 hours, and our 16 oz. soy candles burn up to 150 hours. There is no wasted wax, because our soy candles burn to the bottom of the jar.

Lower Prices - Skip the middle man prices by buying straight from the manufacturer. We make all of the products we sell, which means quality products with big savings for you.

Wholesale - If you own a business and are interested in selling Otter Creek Candle, we'd like to hear from you. Wholesale rates are available upon request. Please provide us with your business name, tax or supplier ID, and phone number via email and we will call you to discuss further.

15-Day Money-Back Guarantee - Within 15 days of receiving your Otter Creek Candle products, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us.