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Latest reviews for Otter Creek Candle 5/5.0 stars (21 reviews)

Judy in Richwood, OH *****
Only candle I am aware of that burns all the wax! I love that!
Laura in Indianapolis, IN *****
I received a few candles as a gift. They smell amazing! So amazing that I had to immediately get online and search for this brand! The scent is very “clean” and doesn’t smell fake or like chemicals. I will most definitely be switching to this brand!
Rebecca in Albany, NY *****
I hit the jackpot and bought some baby powder scent today at a garage sale on NY. Just put one in and amazed, went straight to the internet to investigate the creator.

Smells great and strong. This is a small blessing as baby powder is my fave scent.
Laura in Shepherdsville, KY *****
I just received my Nag Champa wax melts and candle- absolutely love them! Great scent and clean burning candle. Thank you for your wonderful scents- love them! ❤
Jessica in Niles, OH *****
I have been walking past these in the store where I live for months now. I finally decided to by them yesterday. I am so happy I did. I bought Banana Nut Bread scented wax melts and my whole house smells like I have been baking banana nut bread all day. I love it my fiance came excited thinking I baked his favorite bread. These are amazing I wish I would of bought them when I first seen them. I will not be wasting my money on those other brands of wax melts anymore. Can't wait to try other scents.
Sharon in Berlin, NY *****
I love these candles!! I miss you not being at the HVCC Craft Fair (in Troy NY) for me to stock up on these wonderful candles! I am looking to place my first order on line! Keep up the great work on these fantastic candles!!
Christy in Cartersville, GA *****
I have a very old orginal candle from before they were in the Mason jars.
It is the most wonderful scent that I have savored for years only burning it when I really wanted a special treat.
The scent is called "Whispering Angel" and it feels like a beautiful Angel is speaking to you.
I seached online today to find it and found this site for Otter Creek,but to my utter disappointment no scent called Whispering Angel.
I will try others in the collection and try to call and maybe they will bring my special scent back.
Heidi in Belding, MI *****
This company is Amazing. I travel to the Kendalville Apple festival every October just to buy the lavender candle. They burn so clean and smell so good. I will now be buying online.
Ashley in Lawrenceburg, IN *****
My softball team used to sell these candles for fundraisers, and I cannot tell you how many people love these candles. They smell very strong, in a good way. They are all over my house, and they're the best candles!
Amber in Guilford, IN *****
These candles are the bom dot com. I suggest Monkey Farts, greatest candle around. Everyone that visits my house always comments on my candles. I highly suggest, I give 10 stars.
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